Aspects of Developing a Cleaning Process for an Application


  • Project: Set goals and mile stones for cleaning process development, equipment design strategies, process and safety controls. Every project is given the same attention to details and implementation whether it is for for a global corporation or a small company


    Contaminants such as : Road dirt or dust down to nano particles, oils and greases, adhesives, stickers, mold release, polishing and buffing compounds, medical residues, medicine residuals, oxides and rust, polymers, rubber, paint, carbon, combustion residues or others.



    Cleanliness Levels: How clean is clean? Is cleanliness level verifiable and validated? and how?


    Scale up from Lab to production is the most critical part to be considered in the process development.

    Must be taken taking in consideration are reproducibility of the process, safety of the operators, process controls,

    and the environment.


Cleaning Chemistry: Regardless of how good the ultrasonic equipment is, No successful

process will last or survive without using the proper cleaning compatible chemistry


You should select the proper compatible cleaning chemistry. Should you need help we are here for you.

You may want to consider using NovChem Ultrasonic chemistry or give it a try to see for yourself.

All users are happy and satisfied with product performance. Dr. Awad has established NovChem to serve high power ultrasonic users.  

The line includes aqueous cleaning products, very low foam cleaner for enclosed spray ultrasonic parts-washers

Corrosion Inhibitors, Surface pre-treatments and specialty chemical products for specific applications.


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